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QUEENSTAR OPEN International Rating Chess Championship


With the invaluable experience gained from years of hosting National Level tournaments, QUEENSTAR International Chess Coaching Academy is thrilled to announce our next major event: the QUEENSTAR International Rating Chess Championship 2024 ! Taking place from April 27th to 1st of May , 2024, at the luxurious Laknara Grand Hotel in Kadawata – Sri Lanka

This tournament marks a significant milestone for us. We have meticulously prepared every detail to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for all participants. Join us for this historic occasion as we bring together players from around the world to compete in the timeless game of chess.

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Endorsed by Chess Governing Bodies

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FIDE - International Chess Federation

The International Chess Federation or World Chess Federation, commonly referred to by its French acronym FIDE.

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Asian Chess Federation

The Asian Chess Federation is the continental governing body of the sport of chess in Asia.

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Chess Federation of Sri lanka - CFSL

The Chess Federation of Sri Lanka is the central governing body for the game of chess in the country.


QUEENSTAR OPEN FIDE Rating Classic Event


The Classic Open event at the “Queenstar Open International Rating Chess Championship 2024” promises to be an exciting competition that brings together some of the best chess players from around the world. This event will be held from 27th April to 1st of May at Kadawatha Laknara Grand Hotel . With a total prize pool of Rs. 2.3M(Classic + Blitz), the stakes are high, and the competition is sure to be fierce.

 The top three winners will receive cash prizes of Rs. 200,000, Rs. 150,000, and Rs. 100,000 respectively, and the female champion will receive a special cash award. 

Even players who don’t make it to the top three will have a chance to win cash prizes, as prizes will be given up to 30th place along with trophies. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the Classic Open event at the “Queenstar Open International Rating Chess Championship 2024” and watch some of the top chess players battle it out on the board




If you’re looking for fast-paced, exciting chess action, look no further than the Blitz event at the “Queenstar Open International Rating Chess Championship 2024”. This Blitz event will be held on 28th April evening at Hotel Laknara Grand in Kadawatha Sri Lanka. 

With a combined prize pool of Rs. 2.3M(Classic and Blitz), this event is sure to draw some of the top speed chess players. The winner will receive a cash prize of Rs. 60,000, with Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 20,000 going to the first and second runners-up respectively.

 Cash prizes will be given up to 10th place, and there will be awards for unrated and rated categories, as well as best player from the Gampaha district and each age group. Whether you’re a seasoned chess player or a fan of fast-paced action, the Blitz event at the “Queenstar Open International Rating Chess Championship 2024” is not to be missed.

Expose your brand


We are excited to announce that we seek sponsorships for the “Queenstar Open International Rating Chess Championship 2024”.  This prestigious event is expected to draw top chess players from around the world, offering an excellent opportunity for brand exposure both locally and internationally.

By sponsoring this event, you will gain brand visibility in front of a diverse audience, including international and local players, spectators, and media. This exposure can help your business stand out from the competition and build your reputation as a supporter of the arts and sports.


The Venue - Laknara Grand Hotel - Kadawatha

Your hosts, Shanthi and Val Jayakoddy, warmly welcome you to Laknara Grand Wedding Reception & Conference Centre.

Having built the purposely designed venue in 2006 on their family coconut estate, they continue to operate the business bringing prestige and class to your event while sharing their wealth of knowledge from overseas and from within Sri Lanka. No matter what event you’re planning, Laknara Grand has the facilities and passionately involved and experienced Team to make your event truly memorable. Please step inside Laknara Grand to see our venues and meet our great Team- there to assist, help and guide you.

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