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Rules and Regulations

TournAment Regulations

  1. Fide (International Chess Federation) rules and regulations shall apply. Results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations.
  2. The chief arbiter shall make the announcement, five minutes before the round begins. The default time shall be 01 hour. Any player Who arrives at the chessboard after the default time shall lose the respective game.
  3. Players are not allowed to bring mobile phones or any other electronic devices to the tournament hall, any violation shall result in loss of game.
  4. Officials and players should be smartly attired at all the time while in the tournament hall.
  5. Players will not be allowed to enter the tournament hall wearing slippers and inappropriate attire.
  6. Swiss manager program will be used to make the pairings.
  7. Decision of the Chief Arbiter is final in and event of a dispute in any means.
  8. Organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any late registrations.
  9. All amounts mentioned in this prospectus are in Sri Lankan Rupees.
  10. Appeals Committee – Appeals Committee shall be selected at the beginning of the tournament.
  11. Time Control – The time control is: 90 minutes for each player with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from Move One.
  12. Tie breaks will be announced at the technical meeting.
  13. A player can claim only one prize in each category.
  14. Prize money will be shared.
  15. Dress Code for all prize winners at the prize giving shall be “smart casual”.


Protests against the decisions of the Arbiter’s Shall be submitted to the Appeals Committee. The protests shall only be submitted in written form within 30 minutes at the end of the respective game and shall be accompanied with the proof of the appeal fee (Rs.5,000/- ). The selection and appointment of the members of the Appeals Committee are made by the Organizing Committee. If the appeal/ protest is upheld the amount will be returned.

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